Tim has a young family and loves the time he spends with them. His family has encouraged Tim to represent you in Richmond as Tim has seen the damage liberal policies have brought to Virginia

As an attorney and small business owner, Tim knows the direct effects of the policies implemented by Progressive Nancy Guy, the new Democratic majority, and liberal Governor Ralph Northam, and Tim is running to take back the 83rd House seat and reverse these terrible policies. 

The Second Amendment is by far the most aggressive freedom Tim has witnessed Democrats attack. His small business office is across from Building 2 in Virginia Beach, and on May 31, 2019, he watched employees running out of the building covered in blood and terrified. On that day, the City of Virginia Beach had a policy that employees could not bring firearms to work, and on that day, an employee brought a firearm to work.

On May 31, 2019, the City of Virginia Beach made a decision for employees. Either come to work armed to defend yourself and possibly lose your job, or come to work unarmed and possibly lose your life. Gun-free zones do not work. They are dangerous and cost lives.

Democrats have allowed localities to make gun-free zones in public parks and government buildings. If you are unable to defend yourself in a park, are you MORE safe? Of course not. We must reverse bad policy. Every gun-free zone is an unsafe environment. Schools and government buildings electing to be gun-free must provide ample armed security to respond to threats, and Democrats are creating these zones and not defending them. We must reverse legislation that prevents us from defending ourselves.

Currently, Tim is being sued by Senator Lucas for $21 million for alleging she committed crimes at the war monument in Portsmouth in June 2020. This is an outrageous attack on political free speech. Senator Lucas is a public figure, and Tim provided political and legal commentary. We have a fundamental right to be able to speak out against our government without being sued. Tim will fight for our first amendment at every corner. We cannot have public officials suing citizens when they speak out, and Tim will always defend our freedom of speech and fight against cancel culture. 

Finally, Tim’s guiding compass on EVERY issue is the Constitution. What it means is ultimately interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court. Tim will never deviate from the Constitution and what the Supreme Court says. Whatever the questions and whatever the issues, Tim will resort back to these questions. What does the Constitution say? What does the Supreme Court say? Those answers will guide Tim in decision processes. If the Constitution is silent, then Tim’s guiding principle will be based on his conservative worldview of less government and more individual freedom.