Fellow Republicans,

It’s time we start WINNING AGAIN.

Winning starts right here in the suburbs of Virginia Beach and Norfolk with energy, new candidates that have the courage to fight, and a renewed commitment to conservative values that once made Virginia the top state in the nation for business.

As a local attorney, I have had the honor of fighting for my clients, taking on tough challenges, and being a leader when others stood on the sidelines. I am not a politician, and I do not owe anyone any special deals or favors.

Being a father, husband, and business owner, I will serve as your champion to push back against the far-left policies of my Democrat opponent Delegate Nancy Guy. My opponent supports higher taxes, removing Virginia’s Right-to-Work protections, and efforts to restrict Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

Nancy Guy’s political beliefs do not represent our community or our values. Guy has not been a leader for our business community when we have needed her the most. Our hospitality and tourism industry has felt abandoned by Governor Northam and Nancy Guy as pleas for help have been ignored. We must make a change.

The 83rd district is a district we never should have lost. How close was it in 2019?

27 VOTES! Republicans LOST a reliably Republican seat by 27 votes.

Through hard work, determination, and your support, I will win it back!

I am running a first-class campaign and investing my own money into this race because it is critical that we restore sanity to the Virginia House of Delegates.

This is more than a campaign. It is a fight for Virginia’s values and principles. Let’s get to work!

-Tim Anderson