Grass Roots Will Change Politics

In 2019, Nancy Guy received in excess of $300k from a PAC run by Michael Bloomberg. When a candidate takes that kind of money, we all know strings are attached. We watch how Virginia Democrats have radically changed Virginia in just one year, from serious consideration to defund our police; to passing a bill to prohibit a traffic stop without headlights at night because pulling someone over without headlights is racist; watching the House of Delegates pass HB961 which makes any gun owner a criminal if they own a standard magazine  holding more than 12 rounds and the Senate is now taking that bill up next month;  watching our governor have unchecked executive authority to declare which businesses thrive in COVID and which suffer restrictions, some which are insurmountable — we are watching this craziness, we sit around and wonder what has happened to the Democrats? The answer is easy. The candidates are being bought…funded…. and paid for by a Soros/Bloomberg cartel of very wealthy individuals throughout the United States who intend to transform America state by state. You don’t give $300k to a Virginia Delegate just for fun. You do it to buy access and impose your agenda. 

Now, Democrats are not alone in this. Look at any Republican campaign report and huge donations come in from PAC’s to all candidates for all offices. Big money creates loyalty and it creates tit for tat politics resulting in access to a candidate once elected.   What we, as American’s should agree on, regardless of party and ideology, is that campaign finance reform has to be addressed and reasonable limits of contributions must be imposed.  If I am able to run a campaign where the funding comes mostly from small dollar donations, I will be beholding to no one.  Do we not want that from any candidate, regardless of party?

I know you believe in my vision that 2021 is the year to take back Virginia. But once we take it back, we need to fix some major problems to make sure elections are fair, people who vote are legally voting, the systems of how votes are counted are secure and the procedures to ensure tampering with results by bad actors is minimized. But we must stop candidates running for office from becoming puppets for special interest groups. Fixing this rotten core of politics, by limiting influence from outside groups, then allows us to address the other major issues facing the Commonwealth that must be addressed every year with colleagues on the other side of the aisle that are not extreme in ideology and have common purpose to move Virginia forward in a way that represents the collective values and ideas of the Commonwealth.

Happy Holidays to you and your family. Much more to come in 2021. 

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School Choice – Its Time

The time has come to have a conversation about Parent Choice/ School Choice options.  In the time of COVID-19, we are watching an anomaly occur in our government, which is the CDC and the national doctors are saying kids should be in-person but the special interest groups, like the VBEA are controlling school boards saying kids should be virtual. Despite the overwhelming evidence that kids should be in school, multiple school boards across the Commonwealth vote with special interest groups like the VBEA to keep kids virtual.  Why is this? Clearly this is not a public safety issue. This is politics.

The issue of school boards creating policy around special interest groups is not isolated just to COVID. We have seen school systems like Virginia Beach do insane things such as watering down discipline to a point where teachers lack authority to impose reasonable discipline for unruly students. Fights happen at school and the police no longer get involved. We no longer award valedictorian honors and cannot score zeros on uncompleted assignments.  Gun free elementary schools have no armed security and there is push from the left to abolish school resource officers from high schools and middle schools statewide. Curriculum being taught is borderline liberal propaganda. We must take control of our children’s education.

In Virginia Beach there are roughly 66,000 students with a $1 billion annual budget. Sources for this budget from the Federal Government, State Government and Local Government.  Roughly $5000 comes from the state per student.  As a state delegate, I am committed to proposing that the states share of public funds be allowed to be allocated directly to the parent of the child as a scholarship/endowment. The parents would be given this money on a credit card that they must use for alterative education, which can include private religious or secular schools or home schooling. The idea is, if you opt out from public schools, you take FULL responsibility of your child’s education. You do not get any recourses from the public school system. This is the deal you make.

As parents start opting out, funding will also reduce from the Federal and Local sources because there will be less students.  If 10,000 students withdrew from Virginia Beach Public Schools, that would be a major adjustment to the budget. The end result is that the school systems would have to be MORE competitive and more receptive to what parents ask for. Parents would be directly empowered with their dollars to influence how schools should operate.  Can you imagine if this plan existed today, and 10,000 parents contacted Virginia Beach and said, either open the schools NOW like doctors are saying or we are withdrawing and taking our allocated funds elsewhere – would the school board be more inclined to disregard the special interest groups and listen to parents? Can you imagine if the parents demanded that schools impose discipline or they withdraw what that would do to a school board decision making process?  

Elected politicians have forgotten that they represent EVERYONE not just the majority of voters that voted for them. Most elections are won by under 55%. That means 45% of us have different opinions and elected officials are supposed to care about the opinions of other people they disagree with. 

Give parents the choice to say that if you do not defend my children in an elementary school with certified trained security, that we are withdrawing. The outcome will be BETTER public schools. better engagement with parents ultimately benefiting the children and their education across the board by making public schools will have to compete for every dollar. School choice benefits the child.

Out Of State Money is Killing Virginia Politics

While my opponent for the Delegate Race for the 83rd District is Nancy Guy, the way politics operate in Virginia needs substantial overhaul.

If you have never looked at to review campaign contributions and expenditures of elected officials, I highly encourage you to do so.  While this article will focus on Nancy Guy, the problems I am going to discuss here are not identifiable only to her.

The House of Delegates is a 2 year job that pays about $35k roughly for the term.  In 2019, Nancy Guy’s largest campaign contributor was a PAC owned by Michael Bloomberg – called the Beyond Carbon Action Fund, which in-kind donated $348,400 to her campaign.  Emily’s list which is another out-of-state pro-abortion PAC donated $60,000.\

As a constituent I am disgusted that so much out of state money was poured into a Virginia Beach race for House of Delegates.  Remember, there are 100 Delegates for the state, with each district representing about 80,000 Virginians,  Between Bloomberg and Emily’s list, $400,000 was pumped into the 83rd District of Virginia from out of state sources.

How do we fix it? Well it boils down to a one sentence modification to the Virginia Code.


Proposed Change to the Code:


Any PAC donating more than $10,000 to any political candidate per election cycle must have a minimum of 75% of all funds raised to be from identifiable sourced Virginia residents or businesses with a principal place of business in Virginia. 


Adding that sentence changes the entire dynamics of Virginia politics.  There is strength in numbers and if you believe in a cause, and a PAC will help amplify your voice, I am all for it. But this is Virginia. We should not have amplified voices from New York and California influencing our elected leaders in Virginia. If a Virginia PAC has a message that is supported by mostly Virginia voters and businesses and wants to give money to a candidate who aligns themselves with their message, then I have no problem with that. But we must stop hundreds of millions of dollars from entering Virginia politics from sources all over the country making Virginia what the liberal elite have decided is “best for us.” The reason why this legislative year was the “most liberal session ever in Virginia” is because the elected officials, including Del. Guy, have been bought and paid for by special interest groups mostly from outside of Virginia. This has to stop.  Regardless if you are Republican or Democrat, we must reduce outside influence on Virginia politics and it must be a priority in 2021.

Why I Am Running

Progressive Liberals like Nancy Guy and Ralph Northam have helped turn Virginia into the most Liberal Sothern States. By supporting anti-Second Amendment legislation, a version of the Virginia Green New Deal, and other liberal policies – Nancy Guy is not fit to represent us in the House of Delegates.

COVID-19 has affected many Virginian families, and we cannot continue to shutdown. As a small business owner, I know the effects these shutdowns have had on workers and the business community. This is not sustainable. Europe and liberal states like California have proven these shutdowns to be ineffective. We must re-open our businesses, communities, and schools safely.

Finally, as a constitutional conservative attorney, politicians like Nancy Guy and Ralph Northam have strayed too far from the Constitution, and I promise to focus on what our constitution says when legislating.

I would be honored to have your support for the 83rd House District of Virginia. Let’s take back Virginia!

Meet Tim

Republican For Delegate 

The Courage to Fight and Win!

Who is Tim Anderson:


  • Husband
  • Father
  • Businessman
  • Pro Constitution Attorney 

A Republican That Can Win:

It is critical that we send forth strong conservative leaders with the will to fight for our values and win! Tim Anderson is the most electable candidate to beat liberal Delegate Nancy Guy. As our next Delegate, Tim will focus on pro business policies, public safety, and upholding our Virginia values. 

Tim Anderson on the Issues:

  • Covid-19 Recovery
  • Oppose tax increases
  • Cut Job Killing Red Tape 
  • Strengthen our ports and maritime industry 
  • Support for Law Enforcement
  • Education Reform
  • Election Integrity
  • Pro Life 
  • Quality Free Market Health
  • Veterans Care
  • Support Right To Work
  • Protecting the 2nd Amendment
  • Clean Beaches 
  • Oppose the Green New Deal
  • Protect Seniors from fraud and abuse
  • Storm water management improvements
  • Supporting children with Autism and other Special Needs 

The district encompasses northwestern Virginia Beach and the East Beach area of Norfolk. 

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