On the Issues

Pro Business Policies

As a businessman, Tim Anderson believes in American capitalism and free enterprise policies. As your Delegate, Tim will fight against higher taxes, burdensome regulations, and forced unionization of Virginia businesses as Tim supports Virginia’s Right-to-Work law. Tim opposes the job-killing Green New Deal that will raise energy prices and liberal efforts to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Tim supports the recruitment and retention of American manufacturing. Now, more than ever, Tim knows we must fight against these forced shutdowns and re-open Virginia, safely. 

Reforming Education

As a teacher’s husband, Tim proudly supports a parent’s ability to chart the course of their children’s education based on their child’s specific needs. Tim knows that Virginia’s public schools must encourage innovation and free thought while maintaining a strong focus on math, science, and technology. Tim will be a strong supporter of technical education and trade schools.

Virginia’s teachers are appreciated and are being asked to accommodate to a pandemic like never before. Teachers have adapted and have strived to accommodate all students. As your Delegate, Tim will support the retention of our best educators and the safe re-opening of schools.

However, the time has come to have a conversation about Parent Choice/Empowerment Scholarships that allow parents to receive the taxes paid to a public school system on behalf of their child to use those funds for private education. Click here for more: https://timforva.com/news/school-choice-its-time/


Tim opposes a government takeover of healthcare as ObamaCare clearly has not worked. Healthcare should be affordable and of high quality for Virginians. People with pre-existing conditions should be covered. He will continue to advocate for our most vulnerable, and Tim knows the best way to achieve these ends is through market reforms.  

Supporting Law Enforcement

As a constitutional conservative attorney, Tim will continue to fight attempts to defund law enforcement officers. He will continue to support members of the law enforcement community that put their life on the line to keep us safe. Tim has and will continue to back the blue.

2nd Amendment 

As a certified gun safety instructor, Tim continues to fight against Ralph Northam’s restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. He has organized and sued entities over the infringement of Virginian’s Second Amendment right. Gun owners across Virginia overwhelmingly stand with Tim Anderson as the 2A candidate. 


We can never thank our United States Military servicemen and women enough. As your Delegate, Tim will support opportunities for veteran employment and educational advancements. Tim will support military spouses by ensuring there is a reciprocity of trade licenses with other states – so these spouses have an easier time finding employment.

Tim knows mental health is a serious issue and will continue to support suicide prevention programs and other family services.


Governor Northam continues to unfairly intimidate and shut down Virginia businesses. Tim knows we must re-open Virginia safely and help those who are most vulnerable by enacting changes at the Virginia Employment Commission – which is ranked near the bottom for states tasked with getting assistance to workers on time.  We cannot have the Government picking winners and losers. 


I stand for life and hope we could create a culture where the demand for abortions would be non-existent. I strongly oppose the extreme liberal positions held by our Governor and extreme Democrat members of the General Assembly who believe a baby can be killed up until the moment of delivery and that if a baby should survive an abortion, that no medical lifesaving treatment should be offered. These positions are absolutely disgusting and as a Delegate I will fight against any proposed bill that allows the murder of a sustainable baby unless the life of the mother is in question. I believe we need more conservative Supreme Court Justices like recently appointed Justice Barrett to keep extreme ideas like abortions at any stage from becoming law in our society.