Vicky Manning, School Board, City of Virginia Beach

“I am proud to throw my support behind my good friend, Tim Anderson. Tim has been a strong supporter of my efforts on the School Board. He is passionate about preventing our great Commonwealth from being taken over by radical leftists supported by Bloomberg and Soros.”

Small Business Specialists

“We support Tim Anderson’s run for Delegate in the 83rd district because from the very beginning – before he even had an inclination to run for office – he was boots on the ground with the people offering help to navigate the crisis.”

Emerson Orthodontics https://www.emersonbraces.com/

I am endorsing Tim for the Virginia House Delegate for the 83rd. I help run a multimillion dollar orthodontic practice in Oklahoma.

During the initial shut down and signing of government assistance I was able to attend Tim’s virtual round tables presenting the information and helping me understand it. I spent time on the phone with his asking questions so I was able to make the best decisions for the business.

After gathering all this information I was able to format a plan to take to the owner to be implemented.

Thanks to his work to make information accessible and easy to understand I was able to protect our business and at the same time protect and do what was best for my employees.

He has a passion for doing what is right and making sure everyone has equal opportunities.

Thank you!


My name is Tommy Altman. I am a veteran of the United States Air Force Special Operations community and a local small business owner. My wife, Krystal and I own Sandbridge Tattoo. Tim Anderson has become a good friend of ours and I can say with the utmost sincerity that Tim Anderson is a friend to small business. When all of the governor’s executive orders were coming down it was not always easy to keep up with the changes and how they applied to our small business. One thing you need in order to lead your business is clarity. We would tune into Tim’s virtual briefings and they provided the much needed clarity to assist us in formulating a plan to keep our staff and clients safe and operate within the ever changing guidelines.

I have absolutely no reservation in wholeheartedly supporting Tim Anderson for Delegate in the 83rd District of Virginia. We need people with commonsense and integrity like Tim Anderson fighting for us.

Tommy Altman

“John Fredericks Endorses Attorney Tim Anderson”

“We endorse Tim Anderson’s campaign!”